Refrigerated Containers

All Electric (or Diesel) Stainless Steel Lined and Food Grade Refrigerated Storage Containers

Our refrigerated containers (or "reefers") can store items in any type of climate and are lined with stainless steel for food grade storage. Regardless of the external conditions, Martin Container's reefers will always hold a set temperature to ensure your items remain undisturbed and preserved!

Our Reefers are Ideal for:

  • "Back-up" refrigeration needs
  • Supermarket and food service storage
  • Storing your holiday season inventory
  • Storing inventory for county fairs and special events
  • Food market and food service storage
  • Preserving floral arrangements
  • Protecting emergency provisions

Our reefers incorporate the most efficient and novel technologies to offer you the most durable and affordable products in portable cold storage. We have Carrier's PrimeLINE refrigeration units in stock and offer the best refurbished and used reefers on the market.

Our Refrigeration Units Feature:

  • Decrease energy consumption
  • Faster pulldown
  • All electric or diesel
  • Emergency backup provided
  • Choose Your Temperature

    Do you need a portable freezer, refrigerator, or just a cooler environment for your inventory than the outside heat? Our reefers deliver temperatures anywhere from -10°F - 65°F, so you can choose the temperature that best serves your needs. We also offer lower temperatures upon request.

    Choose Your Size

    • Standard lengths of 20' and 40'
    • Standard height of 8'6''
    • High cube size of 9'6''

    Choose Your Power

    We also offer both diesel and electric (208V, 230V, or 460V) depending on which makes more sense for your situation and requirements.
    Choose between leasing, renting, or buying our refrigerated containers.

    Our reefers offer quality and dependability you can count on.

    Lined with stainless steel, our refrigerated containers are an excellent mobile cold storage solution. We can provide you with a reefer to store on the ground or loading dock high.

    Our Mobile Cold Storage Units

    • Portable Refrigerated Shipping Container
      Mobile Cold Storage Units Available for Lease or Purchase

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