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Refrigerated Container

Our refrigerated containers are stainless steel food grade units capable of maintaining any temperature range down to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Unique to Martin Container is our customization options that include flooring, lighting and roll door options available for purchase or rent. Along with working refrigerated containers we also carry insulated container shells and non-working refrigerated units from new to used with various refrigerated machinery options.
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Image: Refrigerated
Refrigerated Container
Made to Store
Our premium grade refrigerated containers can store items in any climate. The stainless steel interior lining is certified food grade and food safe making it perfect for any perishable goods or other materials. Regardless of the external conditions, Martin Container's refrigerated units will always hold a set temperature to ensure your items remain undisturbed and preserved.
Ideal for:
- Music Festivals, Fairs, and Private Events
- Industrial and Food Service Storage
- Restaurants and Markets (dock height units available)
- Back-up Refrigeration Needs
- Excess Inventory Storage
- Emergency Response Services
- Climate Controlled Beer and Wine Storage
- Aero Space Composite Materials
- Floral Arrangements
Image: All electric and eco-friendly
All electric and eco-friendly
Our electric reefers ensure that energy does not go to waste. These industrial insulated units are able to efficiently maintain a stable temperature without constantly running on electric power. Once the unit hits the preset climate it will go into standby mode and hold temp until adjustment is needed.
Image: Self-contained power if you need it
Self-contained power if you need it
While all of our refrigerated units are electric, we have diesel generators that are easy to use and maintain. Running on less than one gallon an hour, these generators can perform optimally for more than three days before needing refueling. CARB compliant and held to the highest emissions standards in the U.S., the systems are not only efficient but have some of the lowest emissions of any generators. We give you the option to power your units the best way that works for you.
Image: Same day delivery
Same day delivery
Have an emergency and need a refrigerated solution ASAP? Our relationships with dozens of logistics operations allows us to get you our equipment same day even if our delivery teams are unavailable.
Image: Emergency backup provided
Emergency backup provided
Our emergency hotline gives you access to our staff 24 hours a day 365 days a year. Things happen and we make sure you are well prepared when things go wrong. If you are an existing customer we guarantee service within 8 hours and can offer a replacement unit within 20 hours.
Image: Easy access
Easy access
Our custom built roll up door units are easy to access and allow for placement in loading dock bays where previous swing door configurations were not suitable.
Image: Expanded Flooring option
Expanded Flooring option
Loading your unit with a rolling cart or pallet jack? Our custom flooring option improves on the existing construction of refrigerated containers by creating a smooth ventilated surface that makes loading your unit even easier.
Image: Lighting
Loading your unit at night or in a dim lit location? Our custom built LED lighting system ensure that you can clearly and safely load and inspect your products day or night.
Product specifications
8’ x 20’ Standard Height (8.5’) or High Cube Height (9.5’) 8’ x 40’ Standard Height (8.5’) or High Cube Height (9.5’) Custom sizes can be built to order
Our new units are ordered direct from the manufacturer while all of our refurbished containers are reconditioned by hand by one of our trained technicians. This ensures that every square inch of your unit lives up to our high quality standard.
Custom paint, logos, concrete epoxy non-slip flooring and more.
Located minutes from Los Angeles Harbor, we ship at a flat rate in and around Los Angeles with the ability to serve California Arizona, and Nevada. Our containers typically ship within 2-3 business days once an order has been processed. Our dedicated sales staff will reach out to you with tracking information to ensure that deliveries are on time and convenient for you.
Our reefers offer quality and dependability where you need it.
Lined with food grade stainless steel, our refrigerated containers are an excellent mobile cold storage solution. We can provide you with a self-contained refrigerated container to store on the ground or elevated on a chassis for loading dock use.
Durability and efficiency
Our reefers incorporate the most efficient and novel technologies to offer you the most durable and affordable products in portable cold storage. We have Carrier's PrimeLine refrigeration units in stock ready to go and offer the best refurbished and used units on the market.