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Image: Trailers
Image: Trailers


Our carrier refrigerated trailers systems are stainless steel food grade units capable of maintaining any temperature range down to negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. Unique to Martin Container we have several flooring, lighting and roll door options available for purchase or for rent.
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Image: Trailers
Made to Store
Our refrigerated trailers can store items in any type of climate and are lined with food grade stainless steel. Regardless of the external conditions, Martin Container's reefer trailers will always hold a set temperature to ensure your items remain undisturbed and preserved!
Ideal for:
- "Back-up" refrigeration needs
- Supermarket and food service storage
- Storing your holiday season inventory
- Storing inventory for county fairs and special events
- Food market and food service storage
- Preserving floral arrangements
- Protecting emergency provisions
Decreased energy consumption
Ultra high efficiency. EcoFORWARD™ technologies deliver significant fuel savings in addition to higher performance, achieving 35 to 50 percent more BTUs of cooling per gallon of fuel. This translates into a 5% to 22% lower fuel consumption over a full range of operating conditions.
Higher capacity
Our models establish the benchmark for extreme performance – up to 68,000 BTUs of cooling at AHRI rating conditions. It delivers fast pulldown, precise temperature control and peace of mind for the most demanding applications.
All electric or diesel
We give you the option to choose how these trailers are powered. Our 48’ and 53’ trailers come in standard diesel power. If an electric unit is a better option for you we have 40’ container chassis sets that will meet all of your elevated storage needs while still maintaining the portability and ease of use of standard trailers.
Image: Compliance plus
Compliance plus
The X4 7500 unit provides compliance with 2013 EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations, while also improving operational efficiencies and performance
Image: Proven reliability
Proven reliability
The enhanced platform now includes proven high efficiency components from our Vector™ series and an industry leading warranty for dependability and reliability.
Image: Emergency backup provided
Emergency backup provided
Things happen and we make sure you are well prepared when things go wrong.
Product specifications
8’ x 40’HC with roll up door Height 14’ Internal Height 8’ 2” 8.5’ x 48’ Standard with roll up door Height 13’ Internal Height 6’ 8.5’ x 53’ Standard with roll up door Height 13’ Internal Height 6’
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