Refrigerated and Dry Trailers Available

The Best in Portable Cold Storage

We use Carrier's reliable portable cold storage units that are easy to load and easy to move. We use the Vector 8100 because they are the most energy-efficient and durable trailer refrigeration equipment available.

Choose between our supply of Carrier Thin Line, Prime Line, and EverFresh refrigerated containers: the best and greatest in portable refrigeration.

Our Refrigerated Trailers Are Equipped with:

  • Stainless steel interiors: perfect for food-grade storage
  • Temperature controlled: -10°F to +65°F
  • All electric or diesel powered
  • 10' to 53' lengths available
  • Standard Delivery within 48 hours
  • No crane required
  • No support foundation required
  • Emergency Backup
  • Special "roll up" doors available upon request
  • At Martin Container, any container can be customized to your exact specifications - including adding wheels, chassis, and portable transport.

    If you need a refrigerated container to store on ground or load dock high, Click here for more information on our refrigerated containers.

    Click here for more information on the construction and features of all of our containers.

    Refrigerated and Dry Trailers

    • Food Grade Reefer Trailer with Chassis
      Food-Grade Refrigerated Trailers For Sale or Lease

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