We offer a variety of dry storage containers in multiple sizes and grades to fit your unique needs. Our dry storage containers range in length from 10 to 45 feet and are made from 14-gauge Corten steel. Featuring marine-grade plywood floors, certified seaworthy cargo doors and rust-resistant paint and primer, our containers are built to take whatever your business throws at them while keeping your goods safe and secure.

Made To Store

Our dry cargo containers come in a variety of sizes and grades. From new “one trip” units to used refurbished and “as is” units we have every configuration to meet your needs. We have decades of experience sourcing the right containers.

  • Industrial dry storage
  • Personal or home storage
  • Motor Vehicle Storage
  • Furniture Storage

Product Specifications


8’ x 20’ Standard Height (8.5’) or High Cube Height (9.5’) 8’ x 40’ Standard Height (8.5’) or High Cube Height (9.5’) Custom sizes can be built to order.


Our new units are ordered direct from the manufacturer while all of our refurbished containers are reconditioned by hand by one of our trained technicians. This ensures that every square inch of your unit lives up to our high-quality standard.


Custom paint, logos, concrete epoxy non-slip flooring and more.


Located minutes from Los Angeles Harbor, we ship at a flat rate in and around Los Angeles with the ability to serve California, Arizona, and Nevada. Our containers typically ship within 2-3 business days once an order has been processed. Our dedicated sales staff will reach out to you with tracking information to ensure that deliveries are on time and convenient for you.


Security And Durability

Made from 14-gauge Corten steel our units not only guarantee the safety and security of your items but has anti-rusting capabilities built in ensuring longer lasting service. The marine grade plywood floors are water resistant and designed to carry 80,000+ lbs. of cargo.

All Weather

Industrial rubber seals around the cargo doors are certified seaworthy and will ensure that the units are wind and water tight. Our custom blend of rust resistant paint and primer will not only keep your unit looking great but also lasting longer.


We have lengths ranging from 10', 20', 40', 40' High Cube (9'6" tall), and 45' High Cube with the ability to custom build your unit to the exact length and specifications you prefer.


Custom modifications include: roll up doors, man doors, windows, vents, lighting, electrical, HVAC and much more. Take a look at our past products page to get an idea of what we can do for you.


Our containers are sources directly from the manufacturer or directly from the port of Los Angeles. Our decades of experience and relationships with vendors across the country gives us the ability to source the best containers at a fraction of the cost and whether you want new, refurbished or “as is” containers we guarantee superior quality and affordability compared to our competitors.


Our shipping container retain its value and can be quickly resold through classified ads for 60-70% of its retail value. Worst case scenario, its value in scrap metal alone makes it a far better investment than other portable storage options.

Environmentally Conscious

Using repurposed cargo containers is an excellent way to reduce your carbon footprint without consuming additional natural resources used for the construction of new containers or structures.


Our containers can be delivered within days giving you immediate storage with no time wasted on acquiring materials, lining up contractors, or building. You don't need to do any major site prepping, no foundations need to be poured, you can set these units on a level surface or on wood blocks.