Arizona storage containers are vital for businesses requiring secure, flexible storage solutions in the Arizona area. Construction, retail, agriculture, and logistics industries rely on them to conveniently store equipment, inventory, and supplies.

Martin Container Inc. is the premier provider of container solutions with over 45 years of expertise, offering custom shipping containers for sale in Arizona tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business. Our containers ensure durability, weather resistance, and security, safeguarding valuable assets.

Purchase Options

Martin Container offers three flexible purchase options tailored to meet the diverse needs of your business:

  • Buy or Purchase: With this option, clients can outright purchase shipping containers for sale in Arizona from Martin Container. It is ideal for businesses requiring permanent storage solutions or those looking to own their storage units outright. Buying a shipping container in Arizona offers long-term cost-effectiveness and full ownership control, ensuring continuous access to secure storage facilities.
  • Rent: Businesses seeking short-term storage solutions or those with fluctuating storage needs can opt to rent shipping containers in Arizona from Martin Container. Renting a shipping container in Arizona provides flexibility, allowing clients to scale their storage capacity up or down as needed without a long-term commitment. It's convenient for temporary projects, seasonal inventory overflow, or events.
  • Long-Term Lease: Martin Container offers long-term lease options for clients seeking a middle ground between ownership and short-term rentals. Leasing provides the benefits of ownership, such as stable monthly payments, without the upfront capital investment. It's an attractive choice for businesses seeking extended storage solutions without the commitment of purchasing outright.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

15-foot shipping containers for sale in Southern Arizona are compact and versatile. They suit small-scale storage needs such as garden tools, seasonal decorations, or office supplies.

20' Container Size

This is our standard size, ideal for general storage purposes, and capable of housing furniture during a home renovation or as a temporary on-site office

30' Container Size

30-foot containers offer increased storage capacity. They are suitable for larger equipment, inventory, or as a mobile workshop for construction sites or industrial facilities.

40' Container Size

Spacious and robust, these containers can accommodate sizable inventory machinery or serve as a portable warehouse for retail businesses or event organizers.

45' Container Size

Extra-long for extensive storage demands, suitable for oversized equipment vehicles, or serving as a mobile base for construction or disaster relief operations. 

Custom Container Size

Tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that even the most unique storage needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Custom Storage Container Solutions

At Martin Container, we deliver bespoke storage solutions tailored precisely to our clients' requirements. Our custom shipping containers are designed and built to meet the exact specifications of your business needs. Whether you need a custom-sized container for secure transportation or a long-term mobile office solution, we offer unparalleled flexibility to create the perfect storage solution for your enterprise. With our commitment to quality and affordability, you can trust us to deliver a customized container unit that meets your unique needs without compromising quality or cost-effectiveness.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

At Martin Container, we specialize in crafting tailor-made container solutions, including refrigerated containers ensuring temperature-controlled storage, dry storage options for general goods, and mobile office containers for on-the-go workspace. We also provide container trailers, offering portable storage and transportation versatility. Here at Martin Container Inc., we have you covered.

Refrigerated Containers

Our Refrigerated Containers offer state-of-the-art features and specifications to meet your cold storage needs:

  • Measurements: Available in standard 8' x 20' and 8' x 40' sizes with both Standard Height (8.5') and High Cube Height (9.5') options. Custom sizes can also be built to order.
  • Quality: Our units uphold the highest quality standards. New units are sourced directly from manufacturers, while refurbished containers undergo meticulous hand reconditioning by our trained technicians, guaranteeing top-notch quality throughout.
  • Add-Ons: Enhance your container with custom paint, logos, concrete epoxy, non-slip flooring, and more, tailored to suit your branding and operational needs.

Our reefers boast cutting-edge technologies for maximum durability and efficiency. They offer unparalleled performance in portable cold storage.

Dry Storage

We also provide top-notch dry storage solutions for industrial, home, motor vehicle, and furniture storage needs.

  • Measurements: Available in standard 8' x 20' and 8' x 40' sizes, with options for both Standard Height (8.5') and High Cube Height (9.5').
  • Quality: New units are sourced directly from manufacturers, while refurbished containers undergo thorough hand reconditioning by our skilled technicians.
  • Add-Ons: Personalize your container with custom paint, logos, and concrete epoxy non-slip flooring.

Experience superior dry storage solutions with Martin Container, where you get the best quality solutions for business and personal needs.

Mobile Office Container

Elevate your on-site operations with our mobile containers, designed to provide comfort, functionality, and efficiency:

  • Product Specifications: Constructed from durable, high-quality materials meeting national and state building, electrical, and mechanical codes, ensuring compliance and safety. Our 40' x 8' container office offers ample space to accommodate your operational needs.
  • Features: Backed by the best customer service in the industry, our container offices come fully equipped with everything you need for your operations.

Experience seamless business operations designed to meet your unique space challenges and keep your operations on track and moving forward

Container Trailer

Experience unparalleled performance with our Container Trailers, offering a higher cooling capacity of up to 68,000 BTUs for fast pulldown and precise temperature control. Choose between electric or diesel-powered options to suit your needs, all while ensuring compliance with EPA Tier 4 emissions regulations and backed by industry-leading reliability and warranty.


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