Whether you need a temperature-controlled refrigerated shipping container or a dry storage container to keep your inventory secure, you can find the ideal solution at Martin Container. We’ve been a trusted customized refrigerated and dry storage container provider since 1976, serving customers throughout Nevada, Arizona, and California.

We offer short-term and long-term lease and purchase options to meet your business's needs. Explore our selection of the highest-quality storage containers in Las Vegas and place your order today. 

Container Purchase Options in Nevada

  • Your storage container needs will likely evolve as your business grows or seasonal demand ebbs and flows. At Martin Container, we offer multiple purchasing options so you can find the perfect storage containers in Las Vegas for your current requirements, with the flexibility to scale up or down.Buy: Ideal for long-term storage needs, purchasing a container allows you to modify, relocate, and even sell the container as needed. This is also an excellent option if you’re looking for a shipping container for sale in Las Vegas with certain measurements or configurations. We can customize a storage container according to your specifications. 

    Rent: Some businesses may need to use a shipping container for only a few months, such as to serve as a mobile office for a construction project or to keep seasonal inventory. For short-term projects or temporary storage needs, our rental options provide flexibility without the commitment of ownership.

    Rent-to-Buy Lease: If you need a shipping container for an extended period but don’t want to tie up your capital with a purchase, then a long-term lease might be the right fit. With this option, 20% of the rent you pay will be applied toward the purchase of the container should you choose to buy the container at the end of your lease. you’ll avoid a considerable upfront cost and pay a predictable monthly rate, making budgeting easier.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

Our 15' container is the perfect solution for small-scale storage needs. Its compact size makes it ideal for residential storage, such as seasonal items, personal belongings, and household goods. It can also be customized into a perfect

20' Container Size

With its versatility and adaptability, our 20' is a popular choice across various industries. Commonly used in construction sites, it provides secure storage for tools, materials, and equipment. It is also ideal for inventory storage in retail, wholesale, and distribution businesses. 

30' Container Size

Our 30' containers offer a larger storage capacity, making them suitable for mid-sized projects and businesses with growing storage needs. It is often used in warehouses and distribution centers to store bulk inventory, palletized goods, and industrial equipment. Construction companies can also utilize our 30' containers to store larger tools and machinery.

40' Container Size

One of the most popular container sizes, our 40' container is widely used in global shipping and large-scale storage needs. It is suitable for transporting goods internationally via sea freight, offering ample space for cargo consolidation. In addition to shipping, our 40' container is utilized for building modular structures, including offices, classrooms, and temporary housing units. Its spacious interior makes it an excellent

45' Container Size

Our 45' container is ideal for oversized cargo, bulk storage, and specialized uses that require extra space. It is commonly used in industries such as construction, mining, and agriculture to store large equipment, machinery, and vehicles. Additionally, our 45' containers can be leveraged for bulk storage of commodities such as grains, aggregates, and industrial materials. Their larger dimensions make them suitable for customized applications, including mobile workshops, industrial kitchens, and modular housing projects.

Custom Container Size

At Martin Containers, we understand that every customer has unique requirements. That's why we offer storage containers in Las Vegas tailored to your exact specifications. Whether you need modifications to size, layout, doors, windows, or interior features, you can rely on our team to create a container that meets your specific needs. From specialized storage solutions to custom-built structures, we're committed to delivering the perfect container for your project.

Custom Storage Container Solutions Nevada

If you’re looking for storage containers for sale in Las Vegas, you’ve come to the right place. Martin Container is the oldest and largest container provider on the West Coast, and we have an excellent track record of offering top-quality, dependable products for various applications. Whether you wish to buy used shipping containers near Las Vegas or a new, custom-built mobile office container in Arizona or California, you can trust us to deliver. 

We also specialize in cold storage in Las Vegas, with various temperature-controlled storage containers that ensure your perishable goods remain safe and fresh, regardless of the external environment.

Moreover, our expert team can customize your preferred container size for customers seeking a durable and practical shipping container for sale to create functional spaces that offer high security for your valuable assets.

Our top priority is providing exceptional custom storage container solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our diverse client base. Trust us to deliver superior service and outstanding value for all your storage needs.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

We have everything from brand-new units to expertly refurbished containers at Martin Container. Our product offerings include:

Refrigerated Containers

Our state-of-the-art, reliable refrigerated containers are designed to preserve perishable items and temperature-sensitive materials like food, medicine and floral arrangements. Each insulated shipping container is lined in food-grade stainless steel and are designed to maintain temperatures between 65°F and -20°F. Each container can be customized by adding options such as easy-load mesh flooring, LED lighting, and extra wide roll doors.

Dry Storage

These durable containers are made from 14-gauge Corten steel as well as treated with rust-resistant paint and primer. You can be confident that these units will keep your goods safe, secure and protected from the elements.

Mobile Office Container

These portable office spaces are ideal for short-term needs and can conveniently be installed at your project site. If needed, they can easily be moved to a different location. Additionally, they can be used not just as offices but also as security sheds, break rooms, mobile server rooms and storage areas. 

Container Trailer

Crafted from durable food-grade stainless steel, our trailers are designed to maintain temperatures as low as -20°F. Whether you're in the catering business, food service industry, or need to store emergency provisions, our Container Trailers offer a dependable solution.