Martin Container is a trusted name in the refrigerated and dry storage shipping container industry. As a family-owned and operated business with nearly 50 years of experience, we take pride in providing premium products and unparalleled service to our valued customers. Our Phoenix location partners continues our legacy of quality and dedication, serving businesses and individuals throughout the region.

Purchase Options

Martin Container recognizes that each business and project has unique requirements and demands. To cater to these diverse needs, we ensure that our clients have a range of flexible purchasing options. 

For those who are looking for storage containers for sale in Phoenix, here's what we offer:

Buy: When you buy refrigerated shipping containers, you gain ownership and complete control over the unit. This allows for customization, relocation, or resale as needed. Our range of storage containers for sale in Phoenix includes new and used options, providing cost-effective solutions based on your requirements. Additionally, our expert team offers exceptional customer service and support to help guide you through purchasing and finding the perfect storage container to fit your needs.

Rent: Benefit from temporary storage solutions without the commitment of ownership. This purchase option is ideal for short-term projects or seasonal demands. Our inventory includes used shipping containers for sale in AZ which are available for rental to meet your immediate storage needs with flexibility and convenience. So, take advantage of our competitively priced, high-quality units and enjoy hassle-free storage at any stage of your project.

Rent-to-Buy Lease: Access storage space without tying up capital with customized leasing options to suit your needs. Whether you're looking for refrigerated storage or standard containers, our long-term lease agreements offer reliability and affordability. With this option, 20% of the rent you pay will be applied toward the purchase of the container should you choose to buy the container at the end of your lease. Our experienced team is committed to providing tailored solutions and exceptional customer service to make your leasing experience seamless and stress-free.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

Our 15-foot containers are perfect for small business inventory, residential storage or projects with limited space requirements.

20' Container Size

Versatile and widely used, our 20-foot containers serve various purposes, such as construction sites, retail storage, temporary housing and more. They offer a balance of size and functionality for a range of applications.

30' Container Size

Our 30-foot containers are suitable for medium-sized warehouses, industrial equipment storage and similar needs where additional space is necessary.

40' Container Size

Among our most popular sizes, the 40-foot container is commonly utilized in international shipping, large-scale storage and modular construction projects. It provides ample space and versatility for a wide range of applications.

45' Container Size

Our 45-foot containers are suitable for oversized cargo, bulk storage or customized modifications.

Custom Container Size

Tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring that even the most unique storage needs are met with precision and efficiency.

Custom Storage Container Solutions in Phoenix

Martin Container specializes in creating custom solutions to meet your specific needs. Whether you require specialized storage, refrigeration or office space, our experienced team can design and deliver the perfect container.

Our facility has a wide range of storage containers for sale in Phoenix. You can choose from various sizes, features and modifications that best suit your requirements. From the moment you place your order, our team works tirelessly to ensure your container is promptly delivered to your desired location.

Moreover, if you need assistance in choosing or customizing the correct container, our professionals will be more than happy to guide you through the entire process. We place a great emphasis on customer satisfaction, so you can rely on us to provide unparalleled service and support.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

No matter your needs, we possess the expertise and resources to actualize your vision. Our offerings include:

Refrigerated Containers

Engineered to maintain freshness in any climate, our refrigerated containers boast certified food-grade stainless steel interiors designed to maintain temperatures between 65°F and -20°F. Each container can be customized by adding options such as easy-load mesh flooring, LED lighting, and extra wide roll doors. These units are perfect for food service storage, floral arrangements, aerospace composite materials and backup refrigeration needs

Dry Storage

Our dry storage units are constructed from durable 14-gauge Corten steel. Featuring certified seaworthy cargo doors, marine-grade plywood floors, and rust-resistant paint, they provide robust protection against inclement weather and security against theft or damage. These containers are ideal for personal, industrial, furniture or motor vehicle storage requirements.

Mobile Office Container

Our container offices are built to national and state building, electrical and mechanical codes using high-quality materials. Our team ensures your office container is customized and promptly delivered to your site. We offer additional products and packages to ensure your container office is operational from day one, addressing various space challenges

Container Trailer

We offer high-quality, customizable container trailers for your storage needs on the move or for loading dock use. Our food-grade units, constructed from top-grade stainless steel, can maintain temperatures as low as negative 20 degrees Fahrenheit. These trailers are ideal for preserving and transporting perishable goods, catering to the demands of food services, pharmaceuticals and other temperature-sensitive sectors.