If you’re looking for high-quality, durable shipping containers for sale in Tucson, Martin Storage is a trusted and reliable provider of custom shipping container solutions. 

For nearly 50 years, our family-owned business has supplied refrigerated and dry shipping containers to  customers in Tucson and throughout Arizona, California, and Nevada. Whether you need a custom mobile office container or a mobile refrigerator freezer, you can rely on us and our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Purchase Options

We understand that every business’s storage needs differ which is why we offer the flexibility of buying, renting, and leasing, so you can choose the option that best meets your requirements and fits your budget. 

Buy: Buying is an excellent option if you need specific measurements or a unique configuration for your shipping containers. For instance, you might need a long-term mobile office, storage unit, or food truck. We custom-build all our shipping containers for sale in Tucson, and we can manufacture one according to your unique specifications. Moreover, since you own it, you can modify it or even sell it if the day comes when you no longer need it. 

Rent: Our rental units are best for short-term needs, such as temporary projects. You benefit from using one, whether as a storage unit or a container office, for as long as you require. At the same time, you won’t have to commit to a purchase. Our rental units are available at low monthly rates. 

Long-term Lease: Need shipping containers in Tucson for an extended period but don’t want to tie up your capital with a purchase? Our long-term lease option lets you choose and use the storage containers you need so you can keep your capital free for other business needs while still having access to secure and reliable storage. 

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

These smaller shipping containers provide a compact space solution, perfect for creating a mobile office. Their size makes them a popular choice for businesses needing quick storage space, remote offices, or even mobile shops

20' Container Size

A versatile option, our 20’ shipping containers can be used to make temporary living spaces and mobile offices. They also serve as a storage solution for product inventory, equipment, and other items. 

30' Container Size

Need more space for your commercial or industrial project? Opt for a 30’ shipping container in Tucson. This product offers significant storage capacity, making it an excellent solution for large-scale storage needs, construction

40' Container Size

 This size is one of our most popular sizes. It is typically used in global shipping, but it can also be used to create modular housing, site offices, coffee shops, and retail pop-up stores.

45' Container Size

As the largest size we offer, our 45’ shipping container is a versatile storage solution widely used to ship freight across the ocean. Beyond cargo storage and shipping, this product can also serve as a building solution and turned into a home, office or business space.

Custom Container Size

If you need Tucson shipping containers custom-made according to your needs, we have you covered. We can customize a shipping container for your intended application, making the process more cost-effective and less time-consuming than traditional construction.

Custom Storage Container Solutions in Phoenix

Martin Container is the oldest and largest container provider on the West Coast. We take pride in the quality of our products, our industry experience, and our dedication to customer satisfaction. 

At Martin Container, we can custom-build shipping containers in Tuscon to size while following industry best practices. Whether you need a mobile office, a modular retail pop-up shop or a reliable storage solution, you can trust us to deliver exactly what you need on time and at competitive prices.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

Discover the perfect shipping container for your needs at Martin Container. From new to technician-refurbished units, and with an extensive range of customization options, 

you can trust us to provide the ideal solution. Our products include the following

Refrigerated Containers

Choose our refrigerated containers when you need to store temperature-sensitive products like food, medicine and floral arrangements. Lined in food-grade stainless steel, our refrigerated containers can maintain a consistent temperature range down to negative 20 degrees, protecting not only the quality but also the shelf-life of your goods. We also offer customization options such as flooring, custom paint, roll doors, and lighting, so you can tailor your container to your needs.

Dry Storage

Available in various sizes and grades, our dry storage containers provide a reliable and resilient storage solution that can withstand the elements while keeping your goods safe and secure. Constructed from robust 14-gauge Corten steel, these units are treated with rust-resistant paint and primer to keep them protected from the elements. Our dry storage containers are versatile and can be used for personal, commercial, industrial, and furniture storage. 

Mobile Office Container

Martin Container offers an innovative solution for companies needing a flexible and cost-effective workspace: mobile office containers. These units can be easily installed at your desired location. They’re made with durable, top-quality materials that meet state and national building, mechanical and electrical codes. Our mobile office containers can be used as break rooms, drill rooms, on-site offices, and more.

Container Trailer

Need to keep perishable goods at optimal temperatures but also need the ability to transport your unit when needed? Opt for one of our container trailers. Like our refrigerated containers, these units are lined with food-grade stainless steel and can keep any temperature range down to negative 20 degrees. Some applications for container trailers are for storing supermarket goods, food service supplies, ingredients, and a backup refrigerator.