At Martin Container, we specialize in transforming shipping containers into robust, tailored solutions for businesses across California, Arizona, and Nevada. Whether you're seeking a mobile office, a refrigerated container, or a dry storage unit, we have the expertise and inventory to meet your needs. Discover our diverse range of products and customize your container today!

Container Purchase Options in Reno

  • Buy

    Are you looking for a shipping container for sale in Reno? Purchase a high-quality container from Martin Container and enjoy a durable storage solution that fits your exact needs. Our buying process is designed to provide a seamless experience, ensuring that every container, from dry storage to specialized refrigerated containers, meets rigorous standards and includes a comprehensive inspection and warranty.


    Consider renting storage containers in Reno for temporary storage solutions. Martin Container offers a variety of containers perfect for short-term needs, helping you manage business inventory fluctuations efficiently and cost-effectively. Our rental options are ideal for seasonal businesses or projects requiring quick, flexible storage solutions.

    Rent-to-Buy Lease

    Our long-term lease options are suited for businesses looking for ongoing, adaptable storage solutions without the commitment of a full purchase. Leasing Conex shipping containers in Nevada from Martin Container allows you to adjust your storage capacity as your business grows with manageable monthly costs and customizable terms. With this option, 20% of the rent you pay will be applied toward the purchase of the container should you choose to buyout the container at the end of your lease.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

Compact yet spacious enough for small-scale storage needs or limited space scenarios.

20' Container Size

A popular choice for moderate storage requirements, offering a balance of space and convenience

30' Container Size

Ideal for larger storage needs without committing to the largest sizes, providing substantial space for goods, equipment, or modifications.

40' Container Size

One of the most common sizes, perfect for shipping, storage, or conversion into living and working spaces.

45' Container Size

Our largest standard size, best suited for major storage needs and extensive modifications.

Custom Container Size

Tailored to your specific requirements, our custom containers provide a solution that standard sizes cannot fulfill. Whether you need a unique length or specific modifications, we can accommodate virtually any request.

Custom Storage Container Solutions Nevada

Martin Containers excels in delivering custom storage solutions tailored to the unique challenges of your business. From custom-sized shipping containers for sale in Reno to refrigeration that can be deployed rapidly, we focus on providing solutions that improve your efficiency and solve your logistical challenges.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

Whether you are looking for new or used shipping containers for sale in Nevada, you can be assured of quality products and outstanding customer service when you choose Martin Container.

Refrigerated Containers

Our refrigerated containers are stainless steel food-grade units designed to maintain temperatures between 65°F and -20°F. Each container can be customized by adding options such as easy-load mesh flooring, LED lighting and extra wide roll doors. They can be used for multiple applications, such as emergency response, climate-controlled storage for beer and wine, holiday produce and more.


Key Features:

  • All Electric And Eco-Friendly: Units run on 3-phase electrical power which allows for stable temperatures efficiently in standby mode.
  • Self-Contained Power: Optional diesel generators for extended off-the-grid use.
  • Emergency Backup: Guaranteed service within 8-12 hours for existing customers.

Dry Storage

Dry storage containers from Martin Containers range from 5 to 45 feet, constructed with 14-gauge Corten steel and marine-grade plywood floors. These units are perfect for industrial storage, motor vehicle storage, and more.

Key Features:

  • Security And Durability: 14 gauge corten steel and industrial lockboxes add to the security of units capable of carrying 80,000+ lbs.
  • All Weather: Wind and watertight with industrial rubber seals built to withstand the harshest environments.
  • Customization: Options for roll-up doors, windows, electrical, and more.

Mobile Office Container

All mobile office containers are built to national and state codes and are available in sizes from 20' to 40' with any size in between for custom dimensions. They provide a fully functional off-site office, home, security shack, server room, or more that is fully mobile and can be placed wherever you need. 


  • Security And Durability: Made from industrial grade 14 gauge Corten steel and coated in anti-rust paint.
  • Customization: Options include electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and any more you can think of.
  • Simplicity: Quick ground delivery with minimal site preparation required.

Container Trailer

For your specialized transport needs, our container trailers offer high-efficiency cooling with capacities of up to 68,000 BTUs. Available in sizes up to 53 feet, they are ideal for storing and transporting temperature-sensitive goods.

Key Features:

  • Decreased Energy Consumption: Up to 22% lower fuel consumption with EcoFORWARD™ technologies.
  • Higher Capacity: Fast pulldown doors for easy loading and unloading as well as precise temperature control.
  • All Electric Or Diesel: Options for different power sources to suit your needs.