Explore an extensive selection of new and expertly refurbished storage containers for sale in San Diego. With nearly five decades of industry experience, Martin Container has established itself as a trusted provider of high-quality, customized storage solutions on the West Coast.

Purchase Options

At Martin Container, we recognize the importance of cost-effective storage solutions that meet your business's specific needs. We also understand that flexibility is crucial. Whether you need a temporary or long-term solution, we offer various options to fit your budget and requirements.

    • Buy: Purchasing a shipping container in San Diego is an excellent investment for businesses that require a long-term storage solution. You can modify, relocate, and resell your container as needed. We can customize your unit by adding roll-up doors, office windows, flooring, electrical, and other modifications to suit its intended application best. 
    • Rent: Get the flexibility you need without the burden of ownership by renting shipping containers in San Diego from Martin Container! Perfect for short-term projects or fluctuating seasonal needs, our dry and refrigerated rentals let you experiment with different sizes before committing to a purchase.
    • Rent-to-Buy Lease: Our lease agreements allow you to use shipping containers in San Diego to serve as storage, mobile offices, or even housing without a significant upfront investment. With this option, 20% of the rent you pay will be applied toward the purchase of the container should you choose to buy the container at the end of your lease. We tailor the terms to your needs so you get a dependable solution with predictable monthly payments that make budgeting easier.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

Perfect for those seeking small-scale storage solutions, our 15’ containers can be used for residential storage, small business inventory, and individual needs. Whether you're decluttering your home or need to store seasonal items, our 15' containers offer a convenient and secure solution

20' Container Size

Versatile and adaptable, our 20’ containers are commonly used in various settings, including construction sites, inventory storage, and temporary housing sheds. 

30' Container Size

With a larger storage capacity, our 30’ containers are suitable for mid-sized projects, warehouses, and industrial equipment storage. Whether you need to store heavy machinery or bulk materials, our 30’ containers offer more than enough space and security.

40' Container Size

Our 40-foot containers are popular in global shipping and large storage needs. Additionally, they are commonly used for building modular structures, providing a versatile and cost-effective solution for on-site offices and modular housing. For everything from transporting goods to creating temporary structures, our 40' containers offer unmatched flexibility and reliability.

45' Container Size

Designed for oversized cargo, bulk storage, and specialized uses, our 45-foot containers offer ample space and durability for demanding storage requirements.

Custom Container Size

Whether you need modifications to accommodate specific equipment or dimensions to fit a particular space, you can rely on us to tailor your unit according to your needs. 

Custom Storage Container Solutions

For those who require portable storage in San Jose, our versatile storage containers are perfect for businesses and individuals seeking a flexible and secure storage option. We also specialize in cold storage in San Diego, CA, with various temperature-controlled storage containers that ensure your perishable goods remain safe and fresh, regardless of the external environment.

Moreover, our expert team can customize your preferred container size for customers seeking a durable and practical shipping container garage for sale to create functional spaces that offer high security for your valuable assets.

Our top priority is providing exceptional custom storage container solutions that cater to the unique requirements of our diverse client base. Trust us to deliver superior service and outstanding value for all your storage needs.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

At Martin Container, we offer an extensive selection of container products and services. These include the following: 

Refrigerated Containers

Engineered to maintain freshness in any climate, our refrigerated containers feature certified food-grade stainless steel interiors designed to maintain temperatures between 65°F and -20°F. Each container can be customized by adding options such as easy-load mesh flooring, LED lighting and extra wide roll doors. They are perfect for storing perishable goods, floral arrangements, aerospace composite materials, and backup refrigeration units.

Dry Storage

Made from 14-gauge Corten steel, our dry storage containers are durable and weather-resistant. They feature water-resistant marine-grade plywood floors and are wind- and watertight, ensuring the safety and security of your stored items. Whether you need to store personal belongings or manage inventory for your business, our dry storage containers provide a secure and reliable storage solution.

Mobile Office Container

Our container trailers feature advanced EcoFORWARD™ technologies, ensuring significant fuel savings and improved performance. Lined with food-grade stainless steel, these trailers are ideal for catering, food service, preserving emergency provisions, backup refrigeration, and storing inventory.

Container Trailer

Our mobile office containers are designed to provide portable or temporary office space solutions. They can be customized, with options such as insulation, electrical components, office windows, and roll-up doors available. Whether you need a temporary office for a construction site or a portable workspace for your business, you can’t go wrong with our mobile office storage containers for sale in San Diego.