Martin Container is a reputable source of quality storage shipping containers in San Francisco. We cater to various industries by providing a range of sizes and custom specifications that our competitors cannot match. With over five decades of operational experience, we've emerged as a premier destination for refrigerated and dry mobile storage solutions.

Purchase Options

Every business has its industrial demands and project-based needs. We strive to cater to all your requirements for finding storage containers for sale in San Francisco, including flexible purchasing options:


  • Purchase: Buying storage containers in San Francisco gives you complete ownership and control over your unit. You can customize, relocate, or sell the unit according to your evolving requirements. We have new and used storage containers, offering the budget-friendly option to buy used shipping containers or invest in new storage containers for sale in San Francisco.
  • Rent: Businesses sometimes need temporary storage, and our storage container rental options may be the most practical solution. Renting storage containers is recommended for short-term projects or seasonal demand. We offer a range of container units in different sizes and features, providing convenient, cost-effective solutions to address your storage needs.
  • Rent-to-Buy Lease: We provide long-term rent-to-lease options for shipping containers for businesses seeking long-term storage solutions without committing capital. With this option, 20% of your rental payments will be credited towards purchasing the container, allowing you to buy the shipping container for sale in San Francisco after your lease ends.

Types of Containers We Supply

15' Container Size

This container is suitable for storage solutions that don't take up too much space but still provide ample storage capacity for small projects. It is suitable for various applications, making it an efficient and compact storage option.

20' Container Size

The 20' container is popular due to its balance of space and versatility. It provides sufficient room for storing goods, equipment, or inventory while still being manageable for transportation and placement to your desired location.

30' Container Size

If you have projects that require more storage capacity but don't need a full-sized container, the 30' container is perfect. It provides extra space for tight areas or construction sites with limited room.

40' Container Size

The 40' container is a popular choice for many storage needs, providing plenty of room to store large items, equipment, or inventory. Its versatility makes it an ideal option tailored to meet diverse storage requirements across various industries.

45' Container Size

If you require ample storage space, the 45' container is an ideal choice. This container offers additional room for storing bulky objects, oversized equipment, or fulfilling large-scale storage requirements.

Custom Container Size

For customers who want storage containers designed to their exact needs, we can provide customized containers for their projects, storage, and design requirements

Custom Storage Container Solutions

For those searching for storage containers in San Francisco, Martin Containers delivers excellent solutions for your individual and business storage needs. We are your reliable and secure storage option. Our expertise also lies in insulated shipping containers near your area in San Francisco, CA. This guarantees the safety and freshness of your perishable goods, regardless of the external surroundings.

Our team of experts can customize the size of your preferred container for customers who are looking for shipping container garages for sale. This creates functional spaces that offer high security for your valuable assets and ensures that you receive a durable and practical solution.

We are committed to delivering exceptional storage container solutions that meet the specific needs of our diverse clientele. You can rely on us to provide top-notch service and excellent value for your storage requirements.

We Create Custom Container Solutions

At Martin Container, we provide custom container solutions to meet your needs and specifications. Some of the container solutions we accommodate include: 

Refrigerated Containers

 Our refrigerated containers are designed to keep items fresh in any climate. They have certified food-grade stainless steel interiors that maintain temperatures ranging from 65°F to -20°F. Customize each container with added features such as easy-load mesh flooring, LED lighting, and extra-wide roll doors. These containers are ideal for storing perishable goods, floral arrangements, aerospace composite materials, and backup refrigeration units.

Dry Storage

Our dry storage units offer excellent protection against harsh weather conditions, thanks to their sturdy construction using 14-gauge Corten steel. The certified seaworthy cargo doors, marine-grade plywood floors, and rust-resistant paint make them highly secure against both elements and theft. These incredibly versatile containers can be used for personal items, industrial materials, furniture, and motor vehicles

Mobile Office Container

Our container offices comply with the building, electrical, and mechanical codes enforced at the national and state levels. Every office container is customized to meet your specific requirements, and we guarantee timely delivery to your location. We also provide additional products and packages that enable your container office to be fully operational from the outset, addressing various space-related issues.

Container Trailer

Martin Containers offers quality container trailers customized to your needs. These trailers are perfect for businesses requiring storage on the go or for use in loading docks. They are also perfect for transporting perishable goods and are suitable for a variety of industries, such as food services, pharmaceuticals, and other sectors that require temperature-sensitive storage solutions.


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